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#06 NFL Super Bowl Champion – Bruce Collie

2-time NFL Super Bowl Champion, Bruce Collie​, lived what some would call the “American Dream,” yet only felt emptiness inside. It was only after Bruce found Christ, through the faithful witness of his mom, that he experienced true joy and … Full episode → “#06 NFL Super Bowl Champion – Bruce Collie”

#05 A Spiritual Suicide – Phillip Telfer

As a young man, Phillip Telfer was driven to a point of such hopelessness and despair that he planned his own suicide. Yet at that very moment, God met him and saved him. Today, Phillip serves as the teaching pastor … Full episode → “#05 A Spiritual Suicide – Phillip Telfer”

#03 Abortion Clinic Owner Transformed – Carol Everett

Carol Everett was so deeply deceived and hurt by her own abortion, that she opened multiple abortion clinics of her own to hide her pain. Yet even after Carol was involved in the murder of thousands of babies, God never … Full episode → “#03 Abortion Clinic Owner Transformed – Carol Everett”

#02 From a Jail Cell to Ministry – Aaron & Holly Mayfield

Aaron and Holly tell the story of their unique journeys to faith in Christ; Holly through a chance meeting with a pastor’s wife at her sorority and Aaron through Holly’s faithful witness to him! Aaron’s life was radically transformed by … Full episode → “#02 From a Jail Cell to Ministry – Aaron & Holly Mayfield”

#01 Finding Life On Death Row – Linda Strom

Linda Strom shares how God took her broken past and redeemed it through her work in prison ministry, and especially through the time she spent working on death row. One particularly impactful inmate Linda mentions is Karla Faye Tucker, the … Full episode → “#01 Finding Life On Death Row – Linda Strom”

Introducing “Compelled” – Season 1 Trailer

Our brand new podcast “Compelled” is launching next Monday, July 23, 2018! The show features real people, telling true stories, of God’s compelling love in their lives.

This season, you’ll hear from people whose stories showcase God’s compelling love at … Full episode → “Introducing “Compelled” – Season 1 Trailer”