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#15 A Special Needs Journey – Jason & Bethany Pilchard

We’ve come to the final episode of Season 1!

Since the beginning of their marriage, Jason and Bethany Pilchard have experienced many challenges together while serving in the ministry. From the immediate growing pains of their marriage, to a tragic … hey Full episode →

#14 Living God’s Adventure – John Fornof

Early on in his life, John Fornof had a great love for storytelling. When riding with his sister to their father’s house on weekends, he would be enraptured by his father’s fairy tales.

When his father presented him with a … hey Full episode →

#13 Saved at 70 – Jim Warren

As a young boy, Jim Warren grew a great disliking for church. These sentiments only continued to grow as his parents forced him to attend services. At the age of 11 years old, Jim went through the motions of a … hey Full episode →

#12 “Just Go!” (a Medical Missionary) – Brent Hambrick

Growing up in a single-parent family in a trailer park, Brent Hambrick learned to have a great work ethic, study hard, and take advantage of every opportunity which presented itself. After choosing to follow Christ at fifteen years old, Brent … hey Full episode →

#11 Embryo Adoption – Rob & Heidi Fuller, Pt 2

During our last episode we heard how Rob and Heidi Fuller saw God providentially make a way for them to adopt 2 children. Then out of nowhere they received $20,000. After much prayer, they decided to put it toward one … hey Full episode →

#10 Miraculous Adoptions – Rob & Heidi Fuller, Pt 1

By many accounts, neither Rob nor Heidi Fuller could be called “normal”. Heidi was declared legally blind while just a child and suffered from numerous detached retinas during her childhood, while Rob was renown for his overly rambunctious personality.

After … hey Full episode →

#09 Battling Euthanasia – David Gibbs III

Growing up as the son of an attorney, David Gibbs III knew early on in life that the Lord had called him as a legal missionary to the American justice system. In 1993, he graduated from Duke University School of … hey Full episode →

#08 A Media Missionary – Steve Cleary

As a young man, Steve Cleary gave his life to the Lord at the age of 13. Years later as a young adult and church youth leader, he was given the book, Tortured For Christ, an autobiography of Richard Wurmbrand, … hey Full episode →