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Season 3 is Coming…

Hey Compelled listeners!

A few weeks ago, I got a text message from Hannah Overton (our guest from Episode #16 Falsely Accused & Sentenced to Life in Prison). Because of our listeners sharing her story, Hannah actually wound up speaking before members of the Canadian Parliament about criminal justice and sharing her story of God’s goodness to her.

Thanks to you, the stories we’re sharing through Compelled are being used to further God’s Kingdom and the message of hope through His Son.

News Stories for Season 3

We’re already working on Season 3 and have recorded several interviews. Here are some of the stories we will be sharing:

  • Laura Perry: A girl who transgendered herself for 10 years until she found Christ and placed her identity in Him.
  • Atticus Carr:A rebel who looked for life’s answers deep within Hinduism and the New Age but came up empty-handed until he encountered Jesus. 
  • David and Jason Benham: Identical twins and former professional baseball players who lost a major TV show contract because of their stance for God’s definition of marriage, yet still found unspeakable joy in Christ.
  • Virginia Prodan: A human rights attorney from Communist Romania who defended Christians against a corrupt regime until the government sent an assassin to kill her. Unable to defend herself, she began sharing the Gospel with her assassin.

When Does Season 3 Arrive?

But of course that leaves the question: when will Season 3 come out?

Well, wonder no longer! Thanks to the generosity of donors and our monthly members, we plan to release Season 3 in the summer/fall of 2020!

Season 3 coming summer/fall 2020.

Our Needs

At the moment, we still have a budget shortfall of $2,721.86 to completely fund Season 3.

This Christmas season, can you please prayerfully consider making a one-time financial contribution to Season 3 or joining our monthly membership program starting at $10/month?

If you would like to learn more about making a contribution or want to hear more about our vision, just respond to this email.

I pray that all of you have a blessed Christmas!