Interview with Steve Cleary - Producer of "Tortured for Christ" Movie

#08 A Media Missionary – Steve Cleary

As a young man, Steve Cleary gave his life to the Lord at the age of 13. Years later as a young adult and church youth leader, he was given the book, Tortured For Christ, an autobiography of Richard Wurmbrand, who was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith while serving the Lord in Romania.

Steve was initially reluctant to read it, but eventually did so. As a result, he grew to have a great burden for missions and those that are persecuted for their faith.

Through several God-ordained events, Steve was eventually hired as the first employee of Voice of the Martyrs.

Steve went on to serve ten years alongside its founders, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand.

Today, Steve Cleary continues working with Voice of the Martyrs, while running his own media ministry, Revelation Media, which is dedicated to providing sound, quality media for missions efforts around the world.

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Show Notes

Tortured for Christ (the original book by Richard Wurmbrand)

Tortured for Christ (the movie that Steve made)

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Revelation Media (Steve’s media production company)

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