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#20 Total Surrender – Eric Ludy

Although Eric Ludy is best known for his popular books about purity, this episode explores Eric’s journey of surrender to Christ. Eric yielded his career, his reputation, his finances, and even his family to God’s will. Despite the difficulties Eric has experienced living for Jesus, he has found deeper intimacy with Christ to be a […]

#19 Frontline Missionary – Robert Harris

Robert Harris* is a missionary on the frontlines of evangelism in South Asia. He has witnessed God’s hand at work on the mission field through miraculous healings and seen the evidence of faithful believers standing firm in the face of persecution.  But Robert’s journey to the mission field was anything but normal. Episode Summary The […]

#18 Delivered from the Prosperity Gospel – Sheila Booth-Alberstadt

Sheila Booth-Alberstadt ignored God for the first 40 years of her life until she encountered Christ for the first time. However, she was rapidly sucked into the “Prosperity Gospel” movement for 5 years and believed she could do all things Christ had done… and more. Yet she was constantly plagued by doubts like: Why couldn’t […]

#17 Doubts. Depression. Disease. – Ryan Dobson

Ryan Dobson grew up in a loving, Christian family. He was saved at a young age and was taught to know and love Jesus Christ. His father was Dr. James Dobson, a famous Christian author and speaker, and faith was a routine part of life.

But while Ryan was surrounded by everything he could need to pursue a vibrant relationship with God, Ryan would have to walk his own path to know God personally… […]

#16 Falsely Accused & Sentenced to Life in Prison – Hannah Overton

Hannah Overton was just an ordinary homeschool mom. She and her husband Larry lived in Corpus Christi, Texas, and served faithfully in their church. They had 4 children and were expecting their fifth.

Their lives were about to become even happier as they prepared to adopt a sweet little 4-year old boy, Andrew, when everything they knew was turned upside down… […]

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