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#14 Living God’s Adventure – John Fornof

Early on in his life, John Fornof had a great love for storytelling. When riding with his sister to their father’s house on weekends, he would be enraptured by his father’s fairy tales.

When his father presented him with a cassette recorder shortly thereafter, John was both intrigued and delighted. Using his imagination, he began to record his own audio dramas. Eventually, he grew a desire to do radio drama long term.

For a while, it would seem as if his life would go a different path, and his dream would never come true. He began working as a television producer and eventually became an executive producer for a local television network.

However, John’s dream suddenly became a reality when he was hired in 1997 by Focus On The Family. His job description: screenwriter for the hit children’s Christian radio drama — “Adventures in Odyssey”.

John describes his story up to now in three words: a life adventure. He gives God the credit for orchestrating the challenges, events, and miracles in his life which would eventually bring him to where he is today.

Join us as we listen to John’s account of God’s faithful provision and guidance in the adventure He has called John on!

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Show Notes

John’s official website: Circle Creative Media

Audio Dramas that John has worked with (writer, director, producer, etc.)

Adventures In Odyssey (official website) (Amazon)

The Last Chance Detectives (Wikipedia) (Amazon)

Affabel (details) (Amazon)

Rescued (book details) (Amazon)

Down Gilead Lane (official website) (Amazon)

Lamplighter Theatre (official website) (Amazon)

The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty (official website) (Amazon)

Kids Corner (official website)

Red Rock Mysteries (Amazon)

Jonathan Park Audio Adventures (official website) (Amazon)

The Adventum (official website) (Amazon) Note: For a limited time, you can listen to the first episode of this new audio drama for free by sending an email to news@theadventum.com.

A Few More Links

Ribbits! (an animated television series that John wrote for Focus on the Family) (Amazon)

Small Town, Big Miracle (a book that John wrote in 2007 about the true story of the small town of Possum Trot, Texas that adopted 72 children from foster care) (Amazon)

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way (the specific audio drama that John mentioned writing when he was struck by the power of God’s redemption and forgiveness) (official website)