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#15 A Special Needs Journey – Jason & Bethany Pilchard

We’ve come to the final episode of Season 1!

Since the beginning of their marriage, Jason and Bethany Pilchard have experienced many challenges together while serving in the ministry. From the immediate growing pains of their marriage, to a tragic miscarriage five years later, it’s safe to say the Pilchards have needed to lean on God every step of the way.

With God’s guidance, the Pilchards were able to fully embrace their rightful roles over time, and find true joy and purpose in them at last. These trials would eventually prepare Jason and Bethany for a much greater and daunting test to come — the birth and subsequent care for a unique special needs child, their second son, Zach.

Though filled with much uncertainty as they pioneered in their son Zach’s care, the Pilchard family has persevered. Their continual reliance on God alone has ultimately given them the strength and endurance they need to succeed in one of the greatest hardships imaginable.

Join us as we listen to Jason and Bethany’s compelling story of the “trying of their faith,” and God’s continual guiding Hand present in their lives every step of the way.

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Show Notes

Beth Eden Baptist Church – the church where Jason serves as Senior Pastor. You can listen to Jason’s sermons here.

Camp Eden – the Christian camp where Jason was serving when Zach was born. The camp is an active ministry of Beth Eden Baptist Church and has been serving churches and campers since 1944.

The Pilchard Family
The Pilchard Family
Jason & Bethany Pilchard
Jason & Bethany Pilchard