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#10 Miraculous Adoptions – Rob & Heidi Fuller, Pt 1

By many accounts, neither Rob nor Heidi Fuller could be called “normal”. Heidi was declared legally blind while just a child and suffered from numerous detached retinas during her childhood, while Rob was renown for his overly rambunctious personality.

After forming a relationship, and subsequently marrying, Rob and Heidi were in for the rude surprise of facing life’s hardships and challenges together as a young couple. But it was in these early years, however, that they began to learn to trust God and fully submit themselves to His will for their lives.

From dealing with infertility issues to unemployment problems and then financial hurdles, Rob and Heidi Fuller were able to grow in their faith as they experienced God’s unique, miraculous provision and boundless grace time and time again while pushing through these circumstances.

Join us as we listen to Rob and Heidi’s special story of God growing their family through the process of adoption, and providing for their every need along the way, not just once, but many times!

(listen to the 2nd part of Rob and Heidi’s story here.)

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Show Notes

So Much More (Rob and Heidi’s family blog)

Calvary Baptist Church (the church where Rob currently serves as music pastor)

Forever Be Sure – For many years, Rob and Heidi wrote, performed, and recorded many songs with the group “Forever Be Sure”. You can listen to many of their songs and compositions on the group’s Facebook and YouTube pages.