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#13 Saved at 70 – Jim Warren

As a young boy, Jim Warren grew a great disliking for church. These sentiments only continued to grow as his parents forced him to attend services. At the age of 11 years old, Jim went through the motions of a profession of faith and was thereafter baptized, but really had no idea what he was doing.

Jim became appalled, and then disgusted with the lack of outreach towards people like him soon after his baptism. As a result of seeing such apathy, he determined to never have anything to do with church or the things of God ever again. His life would soon take a turn in the complete opposite direction. Less than a month later, Jim Warren began shoplifting, a practice he would continue for decades.

It only got worse as life went on. As a senior in high school, Jim publicly humiliated his parents in church by hosting a drunken brawl while they were out of town. In college, he pursued a degree in psychology, which heavily criticized Christianity.

An abusive first marriage that ended in divorce, the beginning of a major drug addiction, and his continuity of heavy drinking — these major events all had Jim living a double life as a popular high school counselor. The hypocrisy became even more evident when he was appointed the leader of the “DopeStop” program at the high school where he worked and made the sponsor of the “Youth For Christ” club at the school.

It wasn’t until Jim was 70-years-old that God began entering his life through unique circumstances.

Today, Jim volunteers with the Union Rescue Mission, an outreach ministry located in Wichita, Kansas dedicated to providing homeless men with food, shelter, education, and a relationship with the Lord.

Join us as we listen to an amazing account of God not giving up on a hardened sinner, and how He is still using Jim Warren, even today!

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