Phillip Telfer - A Spiritual Suicide | Christian Wolrdview Film Festival

#05 A Spiritual Suicide – Phillip Telfer

As a young man, Phillip Telfer was driven to a point of such hopelessness and despair that he planned his own suicide. Yet at that very moment, God met him and saved him. Today, Phillip serves as the teaching pastor at Living Water Fellowship in Bulverde, Texas, is the founder of Media Talk 101, and is the founder and director of the Christian Worldview Film Festival.

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Show Notes

Phillip’s website

Media Talk 101

Phillip’s book, Media Choices: Convictions or Compromise?

Phillip’s DVD, Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture

Phillip’s music

Living Water Fellowship (the church were Phillip serves as teaching pastor)

Christian Worldview Film Festival (if you’re interested in filmmaking or creating media, then we highly recommend attending this festival)

Timeless Wood Toys (Phillip and his family have a small family business creating high-quality wooden crafts)

Phillip doing BMX tricks!

Pictures from the past

Phillip Telfer as a teenager

Phillip Telfer the BMX rider